I’m way too uh, wildly excited about this:

I love Spike Jonze’s stuff. I watched Adaptation again and (apart from his soft-pedalling me into enjoying not-one-but-two Nic Cage’s) I have to say Jonze’s Charlie Kaufman collabs are every bit the equal of Michel Gondry’s, for mine.
The WTWTA script is co-written by Dave Eggers, one of the new generation of hip(ster) young(ish) writers, whose last output seen by me was an intro to David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, written perilously close (Sept 2006) to the self-de-mapping of that particular giant of the written word.

And Eggers own stats? Well, I read his ‘A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius’ and it didn’t nearly live up to its yes-I-know-it’s-ironic-but-still overweight title. I do hope his screenwriting is up to par, because WTWTA is a defining moment from my  childhood and on this one I’m happy to climb aboard the (no doubt well overcrowded) don’t-rape-my-childhood bus that I’m more usually happy to wave past with my you-live-in-a-market-driven-society-so-suck-it-up hand.

After being pleasantly surprised by the relative intactness of the comic-to-movie transformation of Watchmen I’m feeling all teary and optimistic. Let us see…