I think the thing that most suggests, nay (neigh!), veritably insists – with a metaphorical finger tapping on the (also not real) table for emphasis – that I inflict myself on the world in a bloggly manner… is this: Super anal attention paid to spelling and grammar and such (I assume I’d do this for my own blather, what with all the rollings of eye and gnashings of teeth that pour forth on discovering that, say, the sixth word of the lead article on WordPress’s homepage is ‘ambicious’).

Did I also mention that I can also cram a sentence to the brim with all manner of digressionary hoo-haa? True dat. I doubt one ability cancels the other out, just like a sincerely felt emotion conveyed via cynical sardonics is hardly likely to fail, espesh in print. Note to self: WTF?

Also: I’ll see you yr new blog Jenny Wynter, now show me yr goddamn cards. [Air kisses left and right]