Just a quick bit o’ love for two angry,angry men, and the products of their respective vitriol.

Lars Von Trier has a new film out,  Antichrist (with the female key-symbol thing making up the ‘t’, check it),

but it’s his previous film, Boss Of It All, that I’ve been watching. I’ve actually not finished watching the damn thing, (the download came without subtitles and is, thoughtlessly, in Danish – wonder if  my norge mate could decipher it?)  because the subtitles files I eventually down-and-loaded read like a mid ’90s Google translation of folk poetry from deepest, darkest Belarus. The bountiful digital bosom that is the internet does have a tendency to, on occasion,  dispense something that tastes a lil like binary vinegar, no?

Having only made it part-way into the flick I can, however,  heartily recommend it. It’s like a cross between his earlier, awe inspiring (for me) and insult generating (for some others) ‘Dogma’ flick, The Idiots, and Mike Judge’s loved-by-anyone-who’s-ever-been-white-collar-enslaved Office Space. One of the main vessels for humour (it is described by Lars as a comedy) is the idea that someone masquerading as management (i.e. the Boss) should be able to go undetected – despite knowing nothing about the company they’re running – through the judicious use of corporate gibberish. Actually, now that I’ve written that it occurs to me that mebbe The Office is a good marker for this film as well (I’ve often thought white collar folks should be made to watch The Office and Office Space before commencing their ‘career’. They could then just hand out the nooses, I reckon). Anyways, great film so far, I’ll report back once I locate a decent .srt file and finish it (or maybe that is how Danish humour sounds, when translated to English?)

The other angry man of note here is Chris Morris, who you may (or not) know from his very funny (and angry) series Brass Eye, which tackled a bunch of topics (Drugs, Science, Animal Cruelty) in a satirical current affairs format, whilst making a lot of English minor celebs look pretty daft.

Chris’s new show (well, new to me, and yes, let’s continue with first names) is the amazingly vitriolic Nathan Barley, which is one huge fuck-off fuck off (in the idiots idiom) to the glib,inward looking, trend-addicted arts and culture brigade that make up a fictional rendering of, I’m assuming, London’s indie scene. It’s hard to describe in brief why this show is so great (and I need to go to bed) so let me just say that (amongst other things) it has the two main guys from the Mighty Boosh, the plot has the fat percentage (and the bloodstream contents) of Amy Winehouse and the tone is somewhere between Bill Hicks and Michel Gondry – and sneeringly angry. And the actor playing the title character does a better broad-smile-with-nervous-eyes delivery than Ricky Gervais.

Go, put yr remaining bandwidth on the case…