Dr ZoidbergHi folks,

Well, as many (or possibly a single great indifference) might have guessed, my attempt to blog regular as clockwork has stumbled like a cheap gold beachside knock-off.

I was recently made aware that good friend and object of some professional envy Jenny (I must have mentioned her before) has re-jigged her blog with butterings of the latest technology, so again, shadow-like to her, I will attempt to re-animate the cold soul of this internet location. [sidenote: I think WordPress should add software so that all of us fans of DFW can use endnotes and such to pile on the digressions and satisfty that thing in us that makes us roll in that manner…til then: here come the brackets!]

As a small initial murmer let me mention that I did indeed spend ( actual) money on (virtual) music from The Dirty Projectors + Bjork recently, to a physical benefit i.e. whales. Try it, you’ll like it too. I guess this means I don’t need music to be free as long as the musicians involved achieve no legal tender benefit.

Also: I’m trying to migrate my bands over to Bandcamp and throw off the ugly, disorganised (and yes, passe) shackles of Myspace. Just as they’re implementing exciting new upgrades, I hear. But, as with hotmail, for me it is…too late.