I find myself – after having seen Chris Nolan’s latest Faberge egg/Matrioska doll of a movie Inception – not so affected by the movie and, in fact, more excited to be now able to read the always cogent critique and analysis of the flick by the guys at Observations on Film Art, which site I’m a regular at (also a regular skimmer/sans-er of articles on most pre-sound or colour blabs).

I think the film was good, not great, and I’m now well convinced of both CN’s bloodyminded obsession with wilful obscurity and showpony-ness for it’s own sake  (he would def. be Christian Bale’s character in The Prestige – totally willing to let go of all else in pursuit of a process that eats up most everything else) and his small-man-complex need to prove to everybody that he can make all the crookeds line up ( I guess that makes him also Hugh Jackman’s character in same film, not to mention Cillian Murphy in Inception, Batman from that other film. Daddy issues abound; maybe it’s a british boarding school thing).

I think the manic layering is also a compensation for the fact that intellectually, the film is pretty shallow (nothing wrong with that, but hey! 2 hours 40 minutes?!). Much of the “workings of the brain” commentary is clumsily formal or plain dated e.g. “we only use 10% of our brain” blah blah and the moral underpinnings are either tacked on (recurring mop-headed children) or just 2D cliches (Leonardo’s becoming, as this guy pointed out, the go-to actor for dead-wife-backstory brooding). CN should just fess up to being the thinking woman’s action filmmaker and be done with it – there were some dead sexy action scenes, not to mention lovely visual stuff like the folded Paris street.

Anyways, how bout a less-is-more proposition next time around?

So: better than Dark Knight (the more I think about it, the less I liked that flick, Heath Ledger notwithstanding; less good than The Prestige or Memento.

FYI: the bit at the end to me is a fairly straightforward, despite CN’s jazz hands manoeuvres: Real life at it’s best is much akin to a dream (the top was about to topple, dudes – I think he probably owes David Chase a royalty on that one).